“When we revolt it’s not for a particular culture. We revolt simply because, for a variety of reasons, we can no longer breathe” – Frantz Fanon

Watch Ultraviolence

Spread the word about Ultraviolence to everyone you know. The film is available to watch on BFI Player through Prime Video here

screen Ultraviolence

If you are interested in organising a screening + Q&A of Ultraviolence with the filmmakers and film participants whose loved ones have been killed by the police email us here


You can watch Injustice here. The film is currently banned from UK television despite winning many awards, being screened in multiple film festivals, being screened on television internationally and having thousands of special screenings with Q&A’s over the years. Why not break the ban and tweet @Channel4 and BBC @bbcstoryville to ask them to screen it? It’s in the public interest.

The People’s Tribunal on Police Killings

We are collaborating with the family campaigns on a political initiative in relation to this in collaboration with UFFC, 4WardEver and BLMUK. The People’s Tribunal on Police Killings is designed to take forward the heritage of struggle in a way that radically challenges the status quo. We are particularly concerned that the crimes of murder and manslaughter committed by state agents have gone unpunished. Get involved Instagram @thepeoplestribunal


Injustice and Ultraviolence are part of a trilogy of feature length documentaries around struggles of resistance to state violence in the UK. If you want to support the third film in terms of funding or screenings contact The film is in post-production.

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